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Back to Home №2


Material: Oil on canvas
Size: 80x100cm

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Artist: Juma Aman Durdy

Additional information


Juma Aman Durdy




Abstract Art


Animals, Landscapes


In the work, the artist uses the motives of the traditional life of compatriots. The readable images of a camel, a yurt and a woman are depicted in a very conventional manner, almost symbolically. These images are associated with home, peace and prosperity. The theme of a native home, a small homeland is an important topic for the master, and he sought to display it. The painting was done in calm pastel colors, in the contrast of light and shadow, warm and cold. The artist’s passion for abstract art is felt in the compositional structure. The canvas, as if, is divided into mosaic fragments, where each section of this illusory mosaic has its own color and coloring. The work, as it were, falls out of reality, immersing the viewer in the world of his own sensations.

Artist Bio

Juma Aman Durdy

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 1946

Juma Aman Durdy is one of the outstanding masters of contemporary art in the Central Asian region. He is a participant in many prestigious biennials and international exhibitions. His works are in museum collections and in private collections in Asia, Europe and America. Juma characterizes his credo as an abstractionist in a very poetic manner. Life, he said, is the intersection of roads, often opposite, like truth and falsehood, sweetness and bitterness, etc. Namely, between these opposites the artist must seek himself. The direction in which the master works can be designated as abstract symbolism. The artist is inspired by classical abstractionism, suprematism, neo-plasticism, abstract expressionism, dada and several others.

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