Origami Acrylic Painting by Aman Modyev | Nusay Gallery



Material: Acrylic painting on canvas
Size: 72x72cm
Year: 2019

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Artist: Aman Modyev


“Origami” by Aman Modyev. The artist presents his favorite genre of still life. Preferring to work in his studio, Aman approaches certain artistic tasks. Here we see a simple composition with paper flowers – origami. To convey the associative component, the artist uses color and texture. Convention is the main component of the artwork. Conditional flowers in a conditional vase against a background of plaster ornament. But the artist beats all this plain simplicity with subtle combinations of pure colors and shades. In general, the cold color of the work is played out with warm and golden color blotches of origami and background. It would seem that the white neutral plaster ornament is literally broken into mosaic details of light, shadow, individual halftones. The artist intentionally complicates the color, making the work more textured and varied in color. Origami here turns into an ornament that is present everywhere, its silhouettes are used in the image of the planes of the background and foreground. The work looks like a beautiful decorative panel, where all semantic and pictorial symbols urge you to enjoy the harmony of colors and shades.

Artist Bio

Aman Modyev represents the younger generation of artists. He was born in 1983 and during his maturation Turkmenistan became independent. According to the artist, he began to express himself in arts since childhood by his first drawings. The dream of connecting life with art led him to the school of arts, and then to Turkmenistan’s Academy of Arts, in which Aman graduated in 2013. Aman, still studying under the influence of the trends of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, experimented with and sought the language of artistic expression in his work. The artist tries to express the beauty of Turkmen life, depicting simple everyday moments, which he stylizes and depicts in an unusual perspective. The peculiarity of the artist’s works is a rich solution of the color range, where cold and warm tones form a special and original harmony. Aman Modyev is one of the promising representatives of modern art of Turkmenistan. The artist is actively exhibited at local and international art venues.

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