Still life with a plaster ball by Annageldy Jumaniyazov | Nusay Gallery

Still life with a plaster ball


Material: Oil on canvas
Size: 91x92cm
Year: 2014

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The artist’s static, almost metaphysical work evokes a philosophical mood. Annageldy, who works in different genres, here demonstrates the skill of a hyper-realist. Extremely calm, cold coloring of the picture immerses the viewer in an atmosphere of deep contemplation, as if introducing into a hypnotic trance. Each viewer has a story to tell, allowing any interpretation of hidden meanings. Still life is not replete with the scale of the color palette, the artist chooses silver-cold tones, only the clay jug looks like a warm spot against this background, balancing combinations of opposite shades. The philosophy and creativity of the canvas is seen in the semantic resonance between the old, glued ceramics and the white egg, which always personified the beginning of life, of everything new. This unobtrusive concept of the connection “either end is the beginning”, presented by the artist, gives the work answers to questions about the meaning of being.

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